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A Place to Call Home

A home is the epicenter of a family’s life – the center of the comings and goings of parents, children, married couples, single millennials, the newly retired or aging grandparents. So, when people cannot afford their homes – when they stay up at night worrying whether they are going to be able to make rent or scrape enough together to pay their mortgages – their quality of life is diminished.

This is what makes the housing crisis so harmful to California. Our quality of life is being threatened when needed community members like teachers, policemen and firefighters cannot live in the communities they serve, and it is not good for anyone to have so many Californians being forced to live below the poverty line because of unsustainably high housing costs.

That is why, in my new role at CBIA, I am privileged to have the opportunity to work towards finding constructive solutions to the housing crisis and continue to make homeownership an opportunity for all Californians. The housing market is a foundational component to the state’s overall economic structure, and housing affordability has a direct impact on every Californian’s life.

Your work in the homebuilding industry creates jobs, drives tremendous economic output, and enables so many to enjoy both the financial and intangible benefits of homeownership. At CBIA, we recognize that while you are building your business, you also need a team that is focused on strengthening the industry as a whole, providing leadership and creative solutions and fighting back against potential threats to your success.

In the past year, CBIA was able to defend against an aggressive legislative package that would have unnecessarily driven costs up and helped defeat or neutralize all of its primary legislative opposition targets, including a prevailing wage mandate on all residential construction. On the offensive side, last year CBIA successfully championed important legislation to strengthen the Housing Accountability Act and encourage local project approval.

Sacramento can seem like one giant game of insider baseball, but rest assured you have the best team going to bat for you. Collectively, the CBIA team has decades of experience at some of the highest levels of government. They have shown time and again that they can execute a game plan and effectively advocate the housing industry’s concerns and interests in the Capitol within the regulatory community and the Courts. I am excited to join you and the CBIA team at this critical moment in time and I look forward to what we will achieve together in the coming year.

Dan Dunmoyer
CBIA President/CEO

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