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Housing Creators


AB 264 (Melendez)

Incentivizes the building of new homes by providing a tax credit for the payment of impact fees by homebuilders.
Click here to view the AB 264 Housing Creator Letter

SB 50 (Wiener)

Incentivizes the production of high-density housing in transit-rich areas.
Click here to view the SB 50 Housing Creator Letter

SB 330 (Skinner)

Speeds up construction of new housing in California by lifting certain local restrictions on development for a period of ten years in areas where housing needs are the greatest.
Click here to view the SB 330 Housing Creator Letter

AB 1317 (Brough)

Gives more renters a pathway to becoming first-time home buyers by exempting from gross income any income earned on the moneys contributed to a homeownership saving account.
Click here to view the AB 1317 Housing Creator Letter

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