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Housing Killers & Creators 2018

Given the gravity of the current housing crisis, the staggering shortage of homes affordable to Californians of diverse income levels, and the massive underproduction of homes needed to keep pace with demand, the California Building Industry Association has been and will continue to be the voice of the homebuilding community.  We greatly appreciate the Legislature’s and the Governor’s efforts last year culminating in the 15-bill package. While a step in the right direction, there is still much work left to be done.  This housing crisis is decades in the making and it will require a multi-year effort to fix it.  That said, we expect to see bills introduced in 2018 that will impact housing – for better or for worse – and we would like to offer ourselves as a resource to the Legislature.

To provide a gauge for what efforts will help and what will further exacerbate the housing crisis, the CBIA will be announcing “Housing Killer” and “Housing Creator” lists of legislation.  By identifying bills that will make it exceedingly more difficult/costly to build housing in California and those that will expedite/facilitate the creation of housing, it is our goal to highlight legislative efforts that should be jettisoned, improved, or championed.


To determine placement on one of these lists, members of CBIA will evaluate bills based on the following criteria:

  • Will the bill constrain housing production and supply?
  • Will it increase the cost to build houses?
  • Will it make housing even more expensive for Californians?
  • Will it make any of the processes associated with homebuilding such as the entitlement, approval, or permitting processes more complicated, difficult, and lengthy?
  • Does it discourage homeownership?
  • Does it increase regulatory barriers?
  • Will it encourage unnecessary lawsuits aimed at new home construction
  • Does the bill balance the housing crisis unfairly on the backs of a few versus a more egalitarian distribution?
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