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Housing Killers


AB 520 (Kalra)

Raises the cost of constructing rental and for-sale homes by a minimum of $84,000 per door by expanding when prevailing wage must be paid.
Click here to view the AB 520 Housing Killer Letter

SB 182 (Jackson)

Imposes a new and expansive regulatory scheme that does not have to be “reasonable, feasible or achievable” for homebuilding projects of 10 or more homes. Creates first of its kind regulatory requirements without any data or analytical support, making housing production more costly, resulting in fewer homes being built.
Click here to view the SB 182 Housing Killer Letter

SB 533 (Monning)

Retroactively mandates that a project is a “public works”, not because it meets the statutory requirement of a public works project, but simply because of its geographic location.
Click here to view the SB 533 Housing Killer Letter

SB 326 (Hill)

Imposes additional costs on the production of homes in California. Especially increases regulations and costs on the building of high density multi-family housing -- the very type of projects the state wants homebuilders to build for their environmental and public safety benefits.
Click here to view the SB 326 Housing Killer Letter

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