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Press Release: July 27, 2020

In Final Month of Session, Homebuilders Re-release 2020 Housing Killers/Housing Creators List

(Sacramento) - The California Building Industry Association (CBIA) today announced an update to their third annual “Housing Creators” and “Housing Killers” lists.

“We’re heading into the final stretch of the legislative session after six months of significant and extraordinary challenges” said Dan Dunmoyer, CBIA President and CEO. “Homebuilding is essential to the health of Californians and the state’s economic recovery, so it is appropriate to further elevate the legislative and regulatory issues that are holding builders back.”

Earlier in the year, housing-related legislative proposals were analyzed based on specific policy criteria to determinine if the proposals would help improve or worsen California’s housing affordability crisis.

Three bills initially regarded as Housing Killers are no longer moving forward this year, leaving one remaining.

Two bills regarded as Housing Creators are dead for the year, with two remaining.

CBIA has added SB 281 to their Housing Creators list. The bill will enact a new 24-month automatic extension to entitlements/permits starting with the March 4, 2020 pandemic declaration.  The measure will allow for already approved, permits, plans, maps etc., to remain approved for two years.

CBIA has also focused on new regulations that will create delay and costs to projects throughout California, at a time when increasing the housing supply is essential to the lives of Californians and crucial to the state’s economic recovery.

Updated information about CBIA’s Housing Killers/Housing Creators lists is available at

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