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2020 Housing Killers & Creators Archives

It's no secret that housing bills fizzled in California's frantic final days of legislative session. While lawmakers agreed on eviction and mortgage protections and workers' compensation, proposals that sought to increase housing supply fell disappointingly short.

The California Building Industry Association (CBIA) has released our fourth annual installment of their Housing Creators and Housing Killers Lists that highlight bills that will make it exceedingly more difficult/costly to build housing in California and bills that will expedite/facilitate the creation of housing. It is our goal to highlight legislative efforts that should be jettisoned, improved, or championed.

Although the ramifications of COVID-19 are well known, one unrelenting fact is that the California State Regulatory Bureaucracy has not conceded one iota. Because of this fact, in 2020, CBIA expanded its annual Housing Creators and Housing Killers list to include regulations.

To determine placement on one of these lists, members of CBIA will evaluate bills based on the following criteria:

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