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CBIA’s Educational Programs and Resources – Providing Tools to Support the Building Industry

STUDY: Pathways to Carbon Neutrality in California: Clean Energy Solutions that Work for Everyone
OBSERVATIONS: To accomplish the state’s carbon neutrality goals, the state must consider concerns and opinions from across a considerable spectrum of interests to best make progress in reaching our goals. California is a leader in the fight to combat global climate change. Global climate change is often perceived as a potential existential threat. It is no longer potential due to the reality of wildfires, drought and sea level rise. It is already here. LEARN MORE



Presented August 24, 2023
FEATURED WEBINAR: Building Decarbonization Incentives

As the California Energy Commission moves California’s energy regulations, (T-24) toward net zero, CBIA has hosted a webinar so you can learn more about local, state, and federal residential new construction decarbonization incentive programs to help reduce the cost of all-electric new construction. To see panelist materials: CHEERS, TRC, SMUD, Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric Company,

U.S. Department of Energy
DOE Zero Energy Ready Home California Program Requirements

Energy Star
ENERGY STAR Single-Family New Homes California Program Requirements
National HVAC Design Supplement
National Rater Design Review Checklist
National Water Management System Builder Requirements


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