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CBIA participates in the judicial branch of government through its Legal Action Committee. The Committee makes recommendations on matters pending in the courts that may establish a statewide precedent on issues affecting the home building and land development industries. This is a critical part of CBIA’s efforts because such legal decisions not only can have a direct impact on projects outside of the court case, such legal cases can also influence legislation or policy-making efforts in the state capitol.


Many of the cases CBIA is involved in have a direct impact on homebuilding and land development around the state. Whether it is to avoid increases in costs, regulations or litigation on our members CBIA’s legal activities play a large role in protecting our member’s ability to do business in the state of California. CBIA’s legal activities are a significant piece of the association’s efforts to ensure California is a welcoming business environment.

Examples of issues that may impact the building industry through the judicial system:

  • Construction Defect Liability
  • Builder Liability and Risk Management
  • Property Rights
  • Environmental issues including the California Environmental Quality Act, species protection, wetlands protection, water quality, air quality, and others
  • Land use issues including the subdividing land, zoning matters, permitting, general plan amendments, natural hazards, and agricultural land preservation
  • Sales documentation and disclosure, including the formation of homeowners associations

We participate in the courts primarily by filing friend-of-the-court briefs and seeking publication or depublication of legal decisions.

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