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Codes Corner

CBIA represents California home builders on the development, adoption and implementation of our state building standards. Whether it’s energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, fire safety or disabled accessibility standards, these issues have a profound impact on the homebuilding industry.

CBIA’s “Codes Corner” is designed as an area where details on these and other code-related issues will be available, and updates on pending regulations will be addressed. The following are some of the important documents in this area.

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In case you missed it...

IRS Approved Tax Credit Software Now Available

New 45L software was recently approved by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for California builders pursuing the $2,000 per lot federal tax credit. Micropas v7.6 is energy modeling software that performs the required energy savings calculations for the 45L tax credit. Micropas is the only 45L California software to be approved by the DOE and listed on the IRS’s approved software list.

The $2,000 per home 45L New Home Energy Efficient Tax Credit is available to builders and developers of new single family, new multi-family and rehab multi-family dwelling units. Only dwelling units that are 3 stories or less qualify. California certified HERS raters document that the home qualifies using approved 45L software and then verify through on-site inspections that the energy features have been installed. This federal tax credit is currently available for dwelling units (homes or apartments) sold or leased in 2016-2020. Home builders can claim the tax credit retroactively for up to three years for homes certified by a Rater.

To qualify your projects with IRS approved software, contact your HERS rating company or Bob Johnson at

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