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Home Hardening: Address your home’s vulnerabilities to better withstand wildfire.

Home hardening is the term used to describe vegetation management compliance and building materials used to resist the intrusion of flames or embers projected by a wildland fire. It can be applied to new construction or for retrofitting an older home. Home Hardening considers the relationship between your home and its exposure to nearby combustible features such as vegetation, vehicles, accessory buildings, or even miscellaneous structures like a fence. State Fire Marshal Listed Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Safety Building Products


Mitigations for a Wildfire Prepared Home

The Wildfire Prepared Home designation program enables homeowners to take preventative measures for their home and yard to protect against wildfire.


WUI Fire Evacuation and Sheltering Considerations | Assessment, Planning and Execution: ESCAPE

Impacts of wildland-urban interface (WUI) fires continue to rise in the US, evidenced by the string of devastating and record-breaking events occurring since 2017. As seen in several events in recent years, WUI fires can impact communities quickly, leaving little to no time for civilians to evacuate. Numerous events have also occurred internationally, including Australia, Canada, Chile, Greece, and Portugal. One example is the Camp Fire that occurred on November 8, 2018, in Butte County, CA. The fire resulted in 85 fatalities and the destruction and damage of over 18 000 buildings, destroying over 90 % of the buildings in the town of Paradise.

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